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Professional female session singer for hire online, in the studio and for live work.

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Hire a female session singer online with over 10 years of experience. Gina has worked with many established clients in the UK as well as other countries including the USA, Germany, France, Sweden and many more.

Pay one price with as many alterations as you need.

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Studio singer for hire. Gina has recorded in many studios across the UK. Based in the Southwest UK but always happy to travel.

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Hire a female singer for live work. Currently performing live in professional function band Area 52 but always available for live session work and dep gigs either as a one off or continual commitment.  

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Latest Session Work from Gina

Session Singer For EDM Vocals.

Gina has worked on many EDM (Electronic dance music) tracks and has various sample packs available to buy.

Gina Ellen Session Vocalist

EDM Vocal Loops On Fiverr

Royalty free EDM vocal samples for just $5.

EDM sample pack

Ministry Of House Vocal Stems

Production ready vocal loops for EDM producers in collaboration with Pulsed records.

EDM Vocal sessions

EDM Vocal Samples

EDM vocals ready for dance tracks. Available to buy on

Find more examples of Gina's EDM session work on the audio page.

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Session Vocalist

Hello and welcome to my website. I have been a professional session vocalist for over 10 years. I have worked on an array of live, studio and online projects. I am currently living in North Devon in the UK but I'm always happy to travel for sessions. I also spend a lot of time in London.

I have been available to hire as an online vocalist for 8 years. I use my home studio to provide quality online session vocals. I have been lucky enough to work on many projects in different musical genres. Please see my Audio and Portfolio pages for more information. 

As well as professional experience working as a session vocalist I also have a degree in Music and Grade 8 vocals.  

Vocals are my first instrument but I also play the piano, flute and alto saxophone. 

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