9 Reasons Why Being A Session Singer Can Be Better Than Being An Artist

I’ve been a session singer for over 10 years now, providing high quality recordings online using my home studio setup.

I’ve also recorded in various UK studios and regularly perform live.

I’ve never been drawn to being an artist, instead I prefer working in the background and not being in the spotlight.

In no particular order, here are my top reasons why I love my job and why I think it can be better than being a musical artist.

1. Privacy and Paps


One of the best things about being a Session Singer has to be the fact that you can just slip behind the spotlight but still do what you love. This means (at a higher level than myself of course!) that your privacy stays intact and you don’t have to walk around in various disguises! Some people love the limelight of course, but it’s not for Everyone.  

2. Working From Home


The large majority of my session singing is recorded using my home studio setup. This means I can record in my pajamas or watch daytime TV while updating social media (although I do try my hardest not to do this!) 

3. Making Lots Of Music Industry Contacts

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Working on hundreds of songs, you are able to talk to many different people from all walks of life. Via the wonders of modern technology I have had the chance to work with people from many different countries, from Germany to Argentina, South Africa to Canada. I’ve learned huge amounts about different cultures, in particular different music from around the globe, an enriching by-product of working online.

4. Career Longevity 


Being an artist signed to a label can be risky. You can be dropped at short notice and left unemployed. I see session work as more of a trade. If you’re good at your craft, there will always be work for you. 

5. Judged Purely On Your Ability

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As a session singer you are judged on how well you can sing in a certain style and on your professionalism. Artists are often judged by the way they look and their ‘salability’. I’d prefer to concentrate on the thing I’m good at!

6. Trying Out Different Genres


Session singers are expected to adapt to many styles and genres. In the space of a week (or even a day) I could be asked to record a radio jingle, a rock track, an electro swing track and more. Singing different styles has helped me to be a more versatile vocalist and also keeps it fresh and exciting for me. Check out my show reel below for various recordings of my singing in different styles.

7. Chosen, Not Demanded Creativity


Singing mainly other peoples songs means that I can work on writing projects in my own time rather than on a time limit set by a record label. The drawback to this of course is procrastination inevitably sets in!

8. Pressure


When you aren’t working on your own songs you seem to put less pressure on yourself. I do the best with what’s given to me and don’t have the opportunity to endlessly critique my own work.

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