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How online session vocals work

Over the 10 years I’ve been recording session vocals online I’ve tried to make the experience as similar as possible to a recording studio, trying not to lose the creative interaction between musician and producer.

I’ve found the key is this 

 Sending you samples for honest feedback after every recording session until you are happy with the vocal performance. Of course I then hopefully succeed to implement that feedback! I haven’t disappointed anyone yet! 

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3 Simple Steps To Receiving Your Perfect Vocal


Send Files

Send 3 files (MP3s are fine); 

If you have the musical notation or score too that’s always handy.

 Feel free to send any links to relevant songs in a similar vocal style to what you’re looking for. 

I ask for a £20 deposit at this stage which you can pay via BACS or PAYPAL. You can pay this after hearing a free sample.


Ask for revisions to your song

Depending on my workload, I aim to get a first draft of your song to you within 2/3 working days (ask me if you need a quick turnaround and I’ll try and get in the studio sooner). I will always keep you informed on when I will be recording your vocals. Once I have received feedback from you I will do another recording session in the studio and send you the vocal takes from the session. We’ll keep working back and forth until the song is finished.

And don’t forget

You can have as many alterations as you need, all for one price.     


Pay when you’re happy

When all the alterations have been made to the song, you can pay the remaining balance via BACS or PAYPAL. I’ll then send you a link to the raw 24bit wav files for you to download and mix into your song as you wish.  

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“I assumed working with an online singer would be hassle and never quite match a studio session. Gina proved me wrong. Enthusiastic and easy to work with. Gina encourages feedback and applies it consistently. I’ve seen a club explode when her vocal drops, outstanding!”

Phil Mac. London UK. Spare room records

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Online Session Prices

All prices include as many changes to your song as you need, until you are satisfied with the vocals.

You can’t say fairer than that!

Lead Vocal


As many changes as you need

Free Sample before you commit

Lead Vocal & Harmony


As many changes as you need

Free Sample before you commit

Includes harmony writing and arrangement. If you already have the arrangement the price will be £130.

Lead Vocal, 2 Harmonies & Ad libs


As many changes as you need

Free Sample before you commit

Includes harmony writing and arrangement. If you already have the arrangement the price will be £150.

Please contact me if you don’t feel like your song or project fit into any of these price brackets. I often discount shorter songs. Alternatively, if you have just a phrase or two that need recording, you could use my one take service on Fiverr.

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About Gina’s Online Session Service

One price, as many alterations as you need.

Often the vocals will be exactly what you are looking for after the first recording session. Sometimes, through no fault of the musician or producer, it can take a few studio sessions to get right.

I feel that charging a fixed rate until you are happy with how I’ve sung your song is the best way to guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the finished product. 

You can have as many vocal takes as you need in order to comp your perfect vocal. 

Put another way, I’ll work on your song, however long it takes and you won’t have to worry about paying extra for alterations to the vocals. 

What Can I Use Your Online Session Service For?

Quite simply, anything!

Whether you’re looking to hire demo singers to give your song a professional sound or jingle singers for your radio or advert jingle, I have experience with most aspects of session singing and am always looking for a new challenge! 

Most of the songs I record are used for professional release but I also love to work with amateur composers. I’m not elitist and will work with anyone who thinks my voice will add something to their song.

Over the 10 years I’ve been a session singer I’ve sung such a wide range of songs. One of the best parts of my job are the weird and wonderful projects I get involved with so please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your song. 

Don’t forget, If you’re unsure whether my voice is going to suit your song

Get in touch and I’ll record a free sample of your song before you commit to working with me.

To hear some examples of songs I’ve recorded using my online session singer service head over to the audio page.

High Quality Files For You To Mix Yourself

Once your song is finished, All vocals are sent to you as raw 24 bit 44.1 khz wav files. The vocal tracks can be recorded at A higher sample rate if needed but I use 44.1 khz as standard. 

You are the best judge of how you want your song to sound so all files are sent raw with no vocal FX, ready for you to mix into your song however you like.  

Vocals are recorded in an acoustically treated recording studio using Logic on an iMac, A Neumann U87 Ai, and Apogee audio interface and a SE Reflextion Filter.

Work With One Singer

Rather than an impersonal large company 

Liaise directly with one singer via email, phone conversation, skype, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp until you are 100% happy with the vocal recordings. 

Recording online session vocals using a large company usually means having no direct contact with the vocalist singing your song. More often than not you will also be charged for alterations. 

Using online singers can be a new experience for many composers and producers who are used to recording in a studio environment. Working closely together during the online session process makes it as close as possible to an authentic studio experience

What Styles Do You Sing?

During my time as a studio singer I have gained professional experience in recording many different vocal styles. 

My voice tends to lend itself to more powerful, Soul type of songs but I have professional experience singing EDM, Folk, Rock, Soul, Pop, Acoustic, Funk, Disco, Blues, Jingles, spoken word, as well as other vocal styles which I’ve probably forgotten about! 

Have a listen to lots of different examples of my vocals on my audio page

If you’re unsure whether my voice will suit your song 

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Session Vocals?

Due to the creative nature of recording, really it takes as long as takes until you are satisfied with the vocals I’ve recorded for you. 

As an average it’s roughly 3 to 5 days from you contacting me to you receiving your finished vocal recordings.  

I’m normally in the studio at least 3 times a week, sometimes 2 or 4. I’ll always keep you updated in advance as to when I’ll next be in the recording studio working on your song. 

If you need a really quick turnaround I can usually get in the recording studio to get your vocals to you as soon as possible, just let me know. 

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