SE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter Review / Comparison

I have just purchased a new piece of equipment for my home studio; An SE electronics reflexion filter. The reflexion filter aims to cut out room acoustics for your recordings. I chose to buy the RF-X model, mainly because I’m a musician and we’re always skint! It’s the cheapest version at £65. I’ve heard wonderful things about all the models.

I thought it would be helpful to write a little review of the product. I’ve also made an audio comparison of the same song recorded firstly without the SE reflexion filter then with the filter. Here it is;

There are no FX on the vocal and each recording is set at exactly the same db. I was roughly 5 to 6 inches from the mic in both recordings. I do have foam on the wall behind the mic to help absorb any reflections.

I can hear a real difference in the 2 recordings and as soon as I sing into the reflexion filter I can hear the sound being absorbed rather than reflecting around the room. It’s a similar feeling to being in an actual vocal booth. I also noticed that it helps keeps the noise from outside from spilling into the mic.

For anyone who thinks it’s just a piece of foam stuck onto a piece of plastic, it’s not! There are many layers in between and it’s been specifically designed to absorb frequencies evenly.

This is going to make a great deal of difference to my home recording studio and session vocals service and I’d recommend the SE reflexion filter to any professional musician.

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