Bringing in Gina on vocals was an excellent choice. Gina is a total pro, communicates well, and always gives 100 percent. And she’s got killer pipes. A real pleasure to work with.
Marc McCormick & J G Fisher , Edinburgh/Cambridge, UK
I had been looking for a good online session vocalist for a while and then I found Gina. She has everything you can expect from a professional session vocalist. She is very customer oriented and it’s easy to communicate with her. I can tell she has good experience in working in projects as she offers a complete workflow, always being prompt and delivering all tracks on time with an excellent performance, everything in tune and with a good sense for rhytm and emotion. I will definitely use her excellent service again.
Franki , Songwriter, Motala, Sweden
Gina did a great job of my song , It turned out exactly as I wanted. I was also very impressed in the short time that she did it. I will definitely be back in contact with my next project!
Andy Anderson , Songwriter, Glasgow, Scotland
Once again, thank you for doing such a great professional job. Many singers with your ability are prima donnas (I have personal experience!) but you just get on and sing. I believe I am no singer – you are my missing link.
James Stretton , Songwriter, Maidenhead, UK
Gina makes huge efforts to take your song to the place where you want it to go. To that end she gives you ample opportunity for feedback on her progress and what’s more she then acts on that feedback! I find this a refreshing approach that is far superior to just giving you an opportunity for some input at the beginning of a project and then leaving you to hope for the best. Gina’s an excellent and flexible vocalist as well!
Danny , Songwriter, Strathspey, Scotland
Gina is obviously a world-class singer, but she’s also a world-class pleasure to work with. No diva ego, no hipper-than-thou attitude. She’s very open to suggestion, with a genuine desire to give you exactly what you’re looking for. And she really goes the extra mile (or kilometer!) to make that happen. In my case, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for. I wanted some creative input and Gina was terrific. She offered very helpful suggestions and even (gently) let me know when she thought my suggestions didn’t really work. And she was right. I found that priceless. When I asked her to improvise and just go with what she feels, the results were beautiful. I’ve been searching for the right singer for years. When I found Gina my search ended. I can’t wait to get started on our next set!
Jeff Foiles , Songwriter, Chicago, USA
I have worked with Gina recording tracks and arrangements over the Internet and found the whole process from concept to finished track extremely quick and professional. So much so that I am now working on the arrangements for a much larger multi track project, as an experienced professional arranger and backing musician I can honestly say that working with Gina has been Pure joy.
Nigel Copely , Songwriter, Plymouth, Devon