EDM Session Singer For Hire Online


EDM Session Vocalist

Professional session vocalist recording studio quality vocals online. Experienced in singing electronic dance music.

EDM session singer

Gina has 10+ years of experience in the studio and singing on stage.

Session Vocalist For Trance

Are you looking for a vocalist for your Trance song?

Gina has professional experience singing Trance music.

Have a listen to some of the examples below.

Singer For House Music

Gina has a soulful, powerful vocal which lends itself well to House Music.

Session Singer For Electro Swing

Gina is a versatile session singer and has experience singing lots of different styles of EDM.

She is able to pare back her vocal and sing straight which is what’s required for the vintage style vocal that is needed for Electro Swing.

Variety Of EDM vocal Styles

As well as all the EDM tracks above, Gina has worked on many more. 

Here are a few more examples of other EDM songs she has recorded via her Online Singer Service.

If you’re interested in using Gina’s Online Session Service, get in touch via the contact page

Her service includes as many alterations as you need, all for one fixed price.

She’ll also record you a free sample before you commit to anything.